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Welcome to the Press Room. Our news and press releases appear on this page as we move forward with all the fun things we have planned for our TV advertising service. Check back often for the latest! Takes It All Off for National TV

Tampa, FL - Making its debut on the online TV advertising stage is an intriguing new service with the saucy trade name: "Bare Naked Ads." Sporting a sexy logo worthy of a pin-up, this cheeky agency offers what may be the lowest cost way to produce and air great looking television commercials to a nationwide audience. And there’s a tantalizing twist.

Their own provocative TV commercial teases, "Wait till you see what she's giving away, free." Not only are Bare Naked Ads strutting some skimpy national air time rates, what they’re giving away free is a classy, 30-second TV commercial production, tucked in with each air time package purchased. This commercial is no "plain Jane." It’s a custom made, national quality commercial, ready in as little as 24 hours. Spanish language commercials airing on Latin networks are available, too.

The Bare Naked Ads sampler (featured on reflects devotion to personality and style, sporting national quality takeoffs inspired by two slick, popular Madison Avenue commercials. The ads are so uncannily good, it’s hard to believe they’re free.

Advertisers with a desire to spice up their national campaigns for less can step out with an air time schedule reaching millions of households. Unlike other discount agencies, Bare Naked Ads won’t slip in extra fees to your air time rate: the network rate is the advertiser's rate. Now, budget conscious entrepreneurs can reach around the competition and get ahead.

Franchisees frustrated with flaccid do-it-yourself TV advertising won’t spend hours sifting through sloppy-second ad templates, pay padded air time rates, struggle to comprehend mind-boggling air time charts, or abuse themselves writing scripts (if you dreaded English class, raise your hand).

Bare Naked Ads are fully custom made, not merely “customized.” Business owners provide a few simple details about their product or service and who their customers are, and the creative marketing team at Bare Naked Ads does the rest, just like the big agencies do for their high-roller clients. The difference is that the ad is free, and is produced in as little as 24 hours, from script to screen.

This new, ultra-disruptive model raises the bar for the silicon-stuffed online ad industry. With this system, three months of national TV coverage costs far less than what many businesses pay per day for online click-throughs, once considered the refuge of the ad-dollar challenged start-up. Bare Naked Ads enhance awareness campaigns and branding, and TV airings are click-fraud proof, making worth a peek.

The Bare Naked Ads service is the latest attractive offering from the creators of the original, entrepreneur-friendly, award-winning online ad agency, Cheap TV Spots®.

Bare Naked Ads and Cheap TV Spots are services of Academy Leader, Inc., a woman-owned, multi-faceted media company spanning TV, radio, motion pictures and new media.



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